Uncommon Value

Since 1980, Perkins Investment Management has approached value investing from a unique perspective, conducting rigorous downside analysis on every potential investment prior to determining upside potential.


US Small Cap Value

Defensive small cap value equities with favorable reward-to-risk characteristics, selected through a rigorous downside analysis before determining upside potential.

Our Key Strengths

Diversified portfolios of what we believe are high-quality, undervalued stocks

Singular approach to investing for over 35 years

Disciplined valuation process measures downside risk before upside potential


Our investment process is applied across all strategies. We take a bottom-up approach to building portfolios of what we believe are quality companies.

Global Value

Defensive global value equities, since 2001

US Mid Cap Value

Defensive mid-cap value equities, since 1998

US Large Cap Value

Defensive large-cap value equities, since 2006

US All Cap Value

Defensive all-cap U.S. value equities, since 2009