Tom Perkins

Chief Executive Officer

Joined in 1998, Industry since 1969

Tom Perkins is Chief Executive Officer of Perkins Investment Management LLC, and has held this position since 2015. Mr. Perkins served as a portfolio manager until June 2018 and co-managed the Perkins Mid Cap, Large Cap and All Cap Value strategies over various time periods from 1998. Prior to joining Perkins in 1998, Mr. Perkins served as an investment manager at Alliance Capital for 14 years. During his tenure, he managed equity assets for major institutional portfolios that included Fortune 500 companies, state funds and overseas corporations. He spent another 14 years at Kemper Financial Services, working alongside Bob Perkins as an investment research analyst and manager of the Kemper insurance equity and convertible bond holdings. Mr. Perkins was also responsible for Kemper’s venture capital partnerships.

Mr. Perkins received his bachelor of arts degree in history from Harvard College. He has 49 years of financial industry experience.