A Seasoned Investment Team.

Perkins has focused on building diversified portfolios of what we believe to be high-quality, undervalued stocks with favorable risk/reward characteristics for over 35 years. All of our portfolios are managed by a two or three-person team to provide process consistency over time.


Susan Fanning, CFA
Research Analyst
Ted Hans
Chief Operating Officer & Chief Compliance Officer
Craig Kempler, CFA
Research Analyst
Mariya Krol, CPA
Vice President
Valerie A. Newman, CFA
Senior Client Portfolio Manager
Patrick Schott
Research Analyst
Angel Tam
Research Analyst
Ted Thome, CFA
Portfolio Manager & Research Analyst
Tim Urquhart
Research Analyst
Rosa Vazquez
Research Analyst
Arlen Wiley
Research Analyst
Ron Zia
Client Portfolio Manager