Perkins Global Value Portfolio

Portfolio Facts
Composite Inception6/1/2001
Total Composite Assets
(As of 2/28/17)
Total Number of Equity Issues
(As of 2/28/17)
Weighted Average Market Capitalization ($ billion) (As of 2/28/17)$140.19B
Median Market
Capitalization ($ billion) (As of 2/28/17)
COMPOSITE PERFORMANCE (As of 12/31/16)GROSSNETMSCI World Index Gross (USD)MSCI All Country World Index (SM) Gross
Year 14.46%3.84%8.15%8.48%
Year 33.11%2.49%4.38%3.69%
Year 58.83%8.19%11.04%9.96%
Year 105.37%4.65%4.41%4.12%

Uncommon Value

Diversified portfolios of what we believe are high-quality, undervalued stocks

Disciplined valuation process measures downside risk before upside potential

Flexibility to look all over the world and across the market-cap spectrum


Gregory Kolb

Gregory Kolb, CFA

Portfolio Manager since 2005
Industry since 1998

George Maglares

George Maglares

Portfolio Manager since 2016
Industry since 2004